How to measure your bra size without frustration...

Wearing the wrong bra size is very common in most women, at least that’s what  an osteopathy survey from one bra manufacturer revealed in its 2008 findings.  The results of this survey showed that a daunting 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size!
For those savvy at bra shopping, this statistic is probably not new. However, what you may not know is that 70 percent of the women in those survey findings were actually wearing a bra that was too small!

 This means that our plus size sisters are struggling by trying to cram the girls into some janky underwire torture trap probably as old as these iconic findings!  With this being said, we’re going to talk about how to measure your bra size, band size and bust measurement without frustration (not to mention keeping the girls happy).  No worries, it will be just you, your tape measure, and a mirror. Stay tuned!

Bust size dilemma: Why do I need a new bra?

Wearing the wrong bra size can have some painful and embarrassing unintended consequences. You might need a new bra if your body is sending you these signals:

  • Localized pain the breast area, ribcage, back, shoulders and neck.
  • Posture that’s awkward or lumbering.
  • Discomfort, sagging breasts or embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Abrasions, chafing, dark spots and bruising around the breasts.

Bra size guide: How do I know if I’m wearing the wrong size?

Most people believe they are wearing the correct bra size, but you don’t need a bra size calculator to know that you aren’t. It’s important to be able to determine with a visual inspection if you are wearing the correct size. Here’s what to look for in your daily mirror check:

  • Straps that fall: If your bra straps are loose and falling down your arm, you might be in the wrong bra size.
  • The finger trick: How many fingers can you slide under your bra band? If it's more than one, it’s too big. Stick one finger underneath your bra to see if your bra fits properly.
  • Awkward cups:If the cups of your bra pucker, or your breast spill over the top, it’s a good indicator that you are in a cup size too big or too small.

Tips for measuring your bust size without a bra size calculator

Bust sizes are like snowflakes, everyone is different. Now that you understand how to measure your bra size, visually, here’s how to measure your cup size and band size in a way that’s easy, effortless and inspires confidence:

  1. Bust out the tape measure: A soft tape measure will do the trick here. Use it under your arms and around your torso, immediately under your breast to determine your band size.
  2. Now for the next number: Once you’ve determined your band size you should measure your bust, lifting the tape measure to go around the fullest part of your breast and onto your back.
  3. Do a little math: Subtract your band size from the measurement of your bust and compare that number to the bra size chart below:

bra chart

Shopping for a bra can be simple for anyone regardless of the bra size. Now that you’ve learned what size fits best in this bra size guide, shop here for a bustier, or join my mailing list for more information that sets your breasts apart from the rest (and increases your confidence too)! We will be rolling out a bra collection soon, so bust out the measuring tape, you won’t want to miss it!



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