Costumes aren't just for halloween!  In fact, they are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom or simply give yourself that alternate ego you have always wanted.  Many of your intimate partners are into gaming, comics and sports which have a variety of costumes for cosplay.  What would be more exciting than sliding into your bedroom dressed in one of their favorite characters?  

Here are some reasons to wear costumes in the bedroom:

1.  Bring you and your partners fantasy to life!

It is very common to fantasize about being with a superhero, villain or a character from our favorite video game, movie or tv personality.  Surprise your partner by walking in the bedroom dressed in their favorite character's cosplay or even your own.  

There is a reason there are movies about having encounters with the maid, nurse, military soldier, car mechanice or secretary.  As humans, we yearn to be desired by others and these are people you encounter frequently in everyday life.  Get a maid costume, or a military uniform and show your partner just how much you care about "servicing" their needs. Or maybe you'd prefer to be the one sbeing serviced as you are handcuffed to the bed and let them decide what should be done next? The sexy police costume would suit you or your partner perfectly!  Long story short, there is a sexy costume to help you bring any fantasy either of you have to life.  Spice things up and get BOTH of you a costume to play out the ultimate fantasy scenario!

2.  Introduce or reignite spontaneity in your love life.  

Many couples complain about boring bedroom lives as we become overwhelmed and consumed with everyday life.  Sliding into the bed with a costume on changes the routine of everyday activities and sparks things up for some extra fun.  Unfortunately, many long-term relationships report a decline in both the quality and quantity of their lovemaking over time.  

The time and effort you put into choosing your costume, getting dressed and changing things up will show your partner how much you want to satisfy them and keep the flame burning!  

3.  Open up lines of communication.

Start the conversation to learn about fetishes, desires, kinks & both you and your partners likes and dislikes.  Whether you are finding out what characters they have fantasized about or what they are into or simply sharing some ideas you have about what turns you, this is a great conversation starter and can lead to some hot new fun for you both!

4.  Empowering yourself. 

You can find your inner powers and confidence when wearing a costume.  There is a liberating feeling when you slip into a superhero costume, or even seeing yourself in something much different than daily fashion and clothing.  Sometimes just changing our own appearance for even a short time can help us step out of our comfort zones and find things about ourselves we didn't even know were there.  

In conclusion, regardless of your reason or outcome; there are many benefits to buying a costume and incorporating it into your bedroom fun!