Hello Curvy World!!!

Greetings from Twynya Scales, the Founder and CEO of CT Lingerie!

Allow me to share a little insight into the journey that brought us here. CT Lingerie has been a dream in the making for several years. At its inception, the plus-size fashion market was considered taboo, and venturing into it was seen as a high-risk endeavor. However, I believed then, as I do now, that the time was perfect to turn this vision into a reality.

As plus-size women and consumers, we've long recognized the need for a more diverse, trendy, sexy, and elegant selection of lingerie and undergarment products. CT Lingerie was born from this recognition and a desire to offer an array of products that embody both class and sensuality. We want every large and lovely individual in the plus-size community and their admirers to feel liberated, confident, and empowered.

The message is simple but powerful: just because we are large does not mean we do not dare to be sexy and elegant. CT Lingerie is your invitation to express yourself freely and authentically, with no compromises on style or self-assuredness.

But here's the most exciting part: CT Lingerie isn't just about us; it's about all of you. We want you to be an integral part of our journey, just as much as we are. Your feedback, your preferences, and your dreams for the future of plus-size fashion matter deeply to us. We're here to listen, to learn, and to grow together.

So, dare to be sexy, dare to be confident, and dare to be a part of CT Lingerie. Together, we're breaking barriers, redefining standards, and celebrating the beauty and elegance that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey.

Dare to be sexy!

Twynya Scales
Curvy CEO
CT Lingerie