What’s going on in your bedroom isn’t the only exciting thing about undergarments! That’s right, the lingerie industry has benefited from exciting financial performance throughout the pandemic! More and more people that are staying home for safety are transforming their mundane lives into their wildest fantasies, and Curvy Temptations is here for it!

Although most shoppers of braziers, babydolls and other lacy intimates are mostly women, many major companies are actually run by men. It’s largely men that reap the benefits when it comes to choices that empower our daily sensuality. 

Given the many struggles that women face both in the bedroom and boardroom, it’s high time that entrepreneurial women take over the beauty industry and that starts with where you shop! 

There are so many excellent reasons to buy from women-owned bralette businesses! We’ve listed the top three reasons below to help you make your next sexy lingerie purchase a little easier and more conscientious!

1. Women-owned businesses are good for more than the perfect vinyl mini dress

When you shop at a woman-owned business you’re building a foundation for female entrepreneurs in the intimate clothing industry. However, like a stubborn corset back, it can be tricky to know what sellers to shop from. Here are a couple of surprising companies where men are running the show:

  • AdoreMe: You might have noticed, the top executive industry giant, AdoreMe, is CEO Morgan Hermand-Waiche: but, wait until you see its other executives and board members! 

  • LoveHoney: LoveHoney’s founders Richard Longhurst and Neal Slateford still sit on the company’s board of directors. They are all stockholders and get paid out dividends from profits.  

Women-owned lingerie businesses can create jobs in top departments in your local area, online and beyond. When you shop at the Curvy Temptations boutique, you can rest assured you are buying your bras, bralettes, chemises and babydoll sets from a woman-owned business that values creating community around fashion.

2. Women know what fits us best

How many times have you tried on a cute bra only to find that the cups are too low cut, it doesn’t lay flat against your chest, or the straps don’t adjust enough to even barely support you? Whether you're looking for leather or lace, a woman knows how to make sure it fits as good as that vinyl mini dress you've been eyeing for weeks!

That's because women are intimately aware of the clothing needs of women. Style is great; but, comfortability in who you are often starts with what you’re wearing underneath your clothes. A good bra and panty set can be like a second skin, or like a well-worn pair of shoes.

Shopping at a woman-owned intimates company means that your sizing will be accurate and your fit will be comfortable!

Curvy Temptations Boutique offers products like stretch chemises that flatter your figure as well as charmeuse chemises and babydolls that make you feel hot and empowered!

3. Designs with your goals in mind

No one knows how to curate lingerie designs that make you feel strong and sexy better than a woman. 

We know what we want, and more importantly, what we need. Long gone are the days where women feel they have to conform to classical beauty standards to feel sexy, fashionable, cool and empowered! Instead, when you support a woman-owned business you are supporting a trailblazer in the industry that selects designs for utility, comfort, sexiness and a wide range of needs that a nice lingerie purchase can offer.

Woman-owned retailer Curvy Temptations appeals to your sense of style, offering the perfect intimate garment for you! 

A better experience: Join the movement

If you support confidence, then the next step is to use your spending power at women-owned lingerie retailers! Curvy Temptations is one part of the lingerie industry that offers representation to working women everywhere, and we look damn good doing it! Shop our Swimwear Collection today!