CT Lingerie, previously known as Curvy Temptations, has undergone a significant transformation. The brand is now led by Twynya Scales, the Founder and CEO. Twynya shares the journey that led to the creation of CT Lingerie, emphasizing the brand's commitment to providing a diverse, trendy, sexy, and elegant selection of lingerie and undergarment products for plus-size individuals. The mission is to empower every individual in the plus-size community to feel liberated, confident, and empowered. CT Lingerie invites its customers to be an integral part of its journey, valuing feedback, preferences, and dreams for the future of plus-size fashion.

CT Lingerie is not just an online store; it's a community celebrating confidence and self-expression. The brand's vision is to empower everyone, regardless of body shape or size, to embrace their unique beauty with confidence. CT Lingerie believes in transcending conventional norms, recognizing that true style has no size limits. The brand positions itself as a place where beauty knows no boundaries, and style is a form of self-expression.

In conclusion, CT Lingerie's rebranding signifies a commitment to empowering the plus-size community with stylish and elegant lingerie. The brand's dedication to diversity, confidence, and community engagement is evident in its products, vision, and the personal message from Twynya Scales, the Curvy CEO.

Dare to be sexy, confident, and a part of CT Lingerie!


Congratulations on the rebrand. Best of luck to you. Your line is beautiful.

— Donna

I love being a woman in this community of fabulousness!!! This brand loves people of all shapes and sizes and advocates for true inclusion in the plus-size lingerie industry! The service and attention you receive when shopping here is #FitForTheQueen 💋💜👑

— Ms. Camay